How to Find a Translator for Your Book

Translation is not an easy job, that’s for sure. When it comes to translating a book, depending on the genre, you need to pay attention to the translation to make sure it’s accurate. Translating too accurately might sometimes make no sense, so you need to find something that works in the context. Not to mention the amount of attention you need to pay to the grammar in the language you’ll translate from, and make sure you don’t change verbal tenses by mistake when translating.

All in all, it’s stressful, difficult and, as such, a job that gives you a good income. But what can you do when you need to find a translator for your own book? How do you find the right one, in order to make sure the translation will be good and you won’t waste your money?

In this post, you will find some tips on how to find your suitable translator and, this way, make your book known in a country.

  • Find Your Target Market

Before you go through the trouble of looking for a translator, you need to find the right market you want the book to be appealing to. So, what genre are you writing? Are you a multiple-genre writer? Depending on what type of books you’re putting out, you have to make sure it will be appealing to the audience.

So, think about what you’re writing and whether the country you want the book translated for will like it. Are Italian people interested in the horror book genre? Or do Bulgarian people want to read romance novels? All of these are aspects to take into consideration way before you go on the journey to find your translator.

Try to talk to book readers from the respective country you want the book translated for. Ask them what they find interesting in books, and what genre they’re into. This way, you might find out how much interest they will have in your work.

  • Post a Book Sample

The next step would be publishing a book sample and wait for translators to send you their results. Don’t send something that’s too long, or they’ll be easily put off by the amount of work they will have to do before they even work for you. You should not post more than around 3,000-3,500 words, or they’ll waste time doing free work when it’s not necessary.

You might stumble upon all kinds of translators, from better to worse, and some with great CV’s. Make sure you’re picky enough to find one that’s actually suitable. Just because someone will have an amazing CV and possibly make a good cover letter, it doesn’t mean the translation will be the best. Have people who are good in the translation language read the letter and tell you how the book sounds. If it’s unnatural and hard to quite get a taste of the true world of the literary creation, you should look for another translation.

Don’t forget that if you don’t speak the language you want the book translated into, you can have two or three readers who speak it check the letters. They should be someone you trust, though.

  • Look Up Translation Services

If you don’t mind it, you can do the actual search for a translator yourself. The internet is full of translation services nowadays, so it won’t take you that long to come across one. These services have a lot of translators and will help you find the best one to help you make your book known in a different country.

Just like with the translators, you should be very careful in making the selection. Before establishing contact with the translation company, check their policy. What are their rates, what kind of stuff do they translate, how skilled are their translators, how many languages do they cover, and so on. Not all services will meet your requirements, thus don’t go with the first option that reveals itself on search engines.

When it comes to both single translators and translator services, you should not always be put off by the fee they request. It’s better to pay a little more and get quality work than pay a small fee and end up with a chunky, unnatural translation. Pay attention, think things through and come to a decision when you’re absolutely sure this is right for your book’s future.

Final Thoughts

A lot of time might be spent when you’re searching left and right for a translator. Once you find the one, though, you’ll be in awe. Do a lot of research regarding translating companies, and find people you can trust to help you find a good translator. The right translator should be able to translate properly for your target market. Ultimately, ensure you have the funds to pay the translator, and you’re good to go.

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