Authors write books for different reasons and objectives, under different conditions, and in different contexts. The key purpose of a book review is to come up with a short and concise assessment and summary of the book which helps to serve as a pretext to the actual book reading process.

A book review will help you to decide on whether to read a particular book or not, and that is why reviews remain essential. When it comes to recommendations as well, authoritative sites can be of great help.

Sites and videos that also dwell on the subject of book reviews and recommendations are also important, since they also bolster existing sources of information regarding reviews and recommendations, as well as allow for reference and comparison in a bid to get honest and clear information.

Goodreads Website

The Goodreads website is an authority when it comes to the world of book reviews. The site has a lot of content and information relating to books, and it has reviews of a variety of books. While the site does not make explicit recommendations, the reviews available can help to point one in the right path when it comes to making choices on the books to read.

Hannah Tay YouTube Videos

There is a comprehensive and resourceful collection of videos related to book reviews on Hannah Tay’s YouTube. These videos can be of great help when it comes to looking at useful sources of information regarding book reviews since they look at books, their authors, and their central themes. Also, you can rely on these videos for recommendations when it comes to books.